The Executive Coach and The Philosophical Approach

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It is an interesting phenomenon that when we become in touch with ourselves from a deeper perspective transformation and change occurs at a faster rate. Many executive coach methodologies are centred at either the cerebral or emotion level but few touch the more philosophical aspects of the issues at hand. This discussion offers a new approach to executive coaching that colours it with a fresh and brighter perspective.

There are many facets to the challenges we face and depending upon which angle we are looking at it, the view is different.

Let’s take for example a common problem that many an executive coach is called upon to deal with. That of managing the communication divide across generations.

Most workplaces now days are diverse and Baby Boomers are working along side Gen Y with a Gen X boss at the helm. The mix is varied however the challenge for the executive coach is managing across these generations.

The conventional approach from the executive coach mindset would be to identify the needs of each generation encompassing both the intellectual and emotional components and ensuring that each is aware and sensitive to the needs of the other.

Appropriate actions and non actions are recognised and each generation becomes cognisant of how to behave and communicate with one another.

While this approach has many obvious positive benefits it ignores the real essence of what each generation is about, their deeper purpose and desires that are so strong that if left unattended cause dissatisfaction, discontentment and despondency.

Human evolution is a powerful force and it calls upon us to either rise to the challenge of the expansion of consciousness or ignore it at each milestone of our ageing process.

The generational journey is personal and distinctive and when viewed through the eyes of the more philosophical and reflective practitioner it morphs into an honouring and respectful challenge for those at differing stages along the way. With this awareness the executive coach becomes the bridge across each of these wonderful stages of development where each offers its own uniqueness, experience and beauty.

The executive coach, in this instance, takes on a humbling and privileged responsibility of creating unity among this apparent divide.

Philosophically and actually we are all playing out our behaviours that mirror our reflections on this vast spectrum of consciousness and awareness.

For the executive coach, it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

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