Leadership Development

Leadership is the key quality that drives an organisation to achieve its objectives.
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Building Resilience

In today’s times many people are working under prolonged conditions of stress with little support on how to manage and reduce it.

Factors such as work pressures, leadership demands, job insecurity, conflict and cultural issues, loss of focus and continuous interruptions are some of the major contributors of low productivity and attitudinal derailment. When people aren’t thinking constructively they cannot operate at their personal best and engage effectively with their colleagues and customers.

The ability to strengthen ourselves to our challenges through the practice of resilience is one of the key factors in sustainable achievement and personal fulfilment. These workshops provides the techniques for participants to build resilience, feel confident, optimistic and in control when facing challenges.

Sales Mastery

Sales success is the driving force behind any organisation. Without it, the enterprise simply cannot exist. Mastering sales is challenging and there are many diverse skills that are required in mastering the selling process.

It is imperative therefore for sales professionals to be equipped with the essential capabilities that will sustain productivity, focus and sales success.

Every industry, organisation and sales team is different and as a result our Sales Mastery programs are tailored and designed to meet the specific requirements and distinctive needs of the individuals and the team.

Sales Mastery Programs are compiled from the extensive list of Sales Mastery Topics  and flexible to include any additional topics that may be required.

How to be
a Trusted Advisor

Building trust is one of the key success criteria for any advisor. When it is present it strengthens client relationships, builds loyalty, promotes advocacy and increases revenue.

When we study the most trusted and least trusted industries in Australia, the financial planning industry is ranked as one of the lowest. This has significant ramifications not only for advisors but also for the many Australian’s, who due to their scepticism, don’t accept their advisors advice.

With the understanding on how to build a higher-level trust, advisors are enabled to shift this perspective and be perceived as the custodian of their client’s financial wellbeing and the “Trusted Advisor”.

Team Building

Taste+Learn Wine Tasting Events
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"Meiron Lees' presentation received the highest rating from our 1000 delegates. He is a highly engaging speaker whose energetic presentation inspired our audience to be catalysts for transformation within their organisations.""

− HR Summit (Asia Pacific)

"Meiron has been an eager contributor to AITD’s conferences and events and the information he presents always hits the mark. His presentations are engaging, lively and most importantly contain essential messages for ALL managers and leaders."

Paul Dumble, CEO - Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)

"A highly skilled presenter, inspiring, captivating, motivating.
Funny & touching – passionate & interesting!"

− The Golden Door Australia