As we are aware, Australian’s are under-insured with most suffering unnecessary financial stress during and after a claim.

In this challenging economic climate clients are feeling the pressure and simply don’t prioritise protecting their financial health in the event of an illness.

Since my recent recovery from Lymphoma it has once again highlighted the importance of adequate protection in spite of good health. Never did I believe that at the age of 45 years old I would be a claimant on the products I sold for over 11 years!

This experience has inspired me to create a sales methodology that enables advisors to sell risk products with comfort and ease and motivates clients to ask for the cover! I have used the years of experience as an advisor and sales trainer in the development of this particular methodology and have also included my personal story to serve as motivator.

The Power of this Workshop

There will come a time in every advisors working life where they will be the villain or the hero. This is when they receive a call with news of their client’s ill health.

There is only one of two options available to the question “Will I (or my family) be ok?” Yes or No. At that point there is no turning back, arguing or debate. The client will either have sufficient protection or be burdened with additional financial stress.

This workshop will equip advisors with the skills and techniques that will ensure that they become the financial lifesaver each and every time their client’s status changes from policyholder to claimant.

Participants will leave this workshop with a renewed sense of invigoration and urgency that will forever change the way they feel about protecting their clients.

This methodology dovetails over any existing practices and participants will receive 4 CPD points for attending the 2 hour workshop and 8 CPD points for the 4 hour workshop.

Advisors will learn

  • To shift their perception from being an advisor to a financial life saver
  • How to influence the mindset of their clients and make risk protection an important priority to them
  • A powerful yet simple sales methodology that motivates clients to ask for the cover
  • The ‘must know’ principle in selling risk products
  • To redefine what’s possible.

Workshop Benefits

  1. Immediate increase in sales
  2. Effective utilisation of existing client base
  3. The creation of a sense of urgency to take action
  4. The inspiration to prospect for new business
  5. Creating a sense of meaning and purpose

Workshop Topics

Advisor or financial Lifesaver

  • Changing the perception from being an Advisor to a Financial Life Saver
  • Creating urgency and motivation to take action
  • How to transform clients negative beliefs about the importance of protection

The Financial Life Saver Sales Methodology

  • A unique sales methodology that increases risk sales immediately (80% conversion rate)
  • How to use third party real life experiences to motivate clients to take action
  • How to prospect for increased risk sales

Sustaining High Level Sales

  • How to remaining optimistic and focused in a challenging environment
  • Integrating key income producing actions into advisors daily activities
  • How to become the pre-eminent advisor of choice