Selling can be a stressful business.

Not only are sales professionals required to have the skills to succeed, they also need to be resilient to the continuous pressures and demands placed upon them.

The stress of selling is one of the major causes of poor performance, lack of motivation and attitudinal derailment. Without the know-how to be resilient, it is difficult to achieve outstanding results.

This workshop will enable sales professionals to succeed in a challenging environment by providing them with the essential tools and techniques to remain confident, optimistic and in control.

Why this workshop?

Without being resilient it is difficult to be at our best.

Stress and pessimism reduces the ability to reach our true potential and affects our motivation and willingness to go that extra mile.

This workshop will equip sales professionals with the tools and techniques to build a stronger resilience enabling them to feel in control and emotionally composed when facing everyday sales challenges.

It offers practical solutions that can be immediately applied.

Sales Professionals will learn

  • 3 powerful techniques that build resilience to any sales challenges
  • The causes of stress and the effect it has on sales performance
  • The essential skills to transform Thought Attacks™ (negative thinking) about sales success into confidence and optimism
  • How to manage emotions and frustrations in tough times
  • How to manage clients emotions and expectations
  • How to manage stress before it takes over
  • Daily resilience building routines

Workshop Topics

Building a Resilient Mindset

  • The keys to controlling negative thoughts about achieving at the highest level
  • How to build a positive and optimistic mindset
  • The 3 powerful tools that build resilience to any sales challenges
  • How to get into the optimum thinking zone

Building Resilience to Sales Challenges

  • Identifying sales stress triggers
  • Managing clients emotions and expectations
  • Developing constructive thinking habits to sales challenges

Sustaining Resilience

  • The techniques to remain positive, confident and focused in challenging times
  • Daily resilience building routines.

"Meiron Lees' presentation received the highest rating from our 1000 delegates. He is a highly engaging speaker whose energetic presentation inspired our audience to be catalysts for transformation within their organisations.""

− HR Summit (Asia Pacific)

"Meiron has been an eager contributor to AITD’s conferences and events and the information he presents always hits the mark. His presentations are engaging, lively and most importantly contain essential messages for ALL managers and leaders."

Paul Dumble, CEO - Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)

"A highly skilled presenter, inspiring, captivating, motivating.
Funny & touching – passionate & interesting!"

− The Golden Door Australia