Selling can be a stressful business. In the current climate, the stress of securing new business, FOFA regulations and client’s resistance to paying fees are all major causes of poor performance, lack of motivation and attitudinal derailment.

Without the know-how to be resilient, it is difficult to achieve outstanding results. This workshop provides advisors with the essential tools to feel optimistic, confident and in control when facing tough challenges.

Advisors will learn

  • 3 powerful techniques that build resilience and reduce stress
  • How to manage emotions and frustrations in tough times
  • How to sustain an optimistic mindset
  • How to manage clients emotions and expectations in this new environment
  • The essential skills to transform Thought Attacks™ (negative thinking) and a pessimistic outlook
  • Daily resilience building routines.

The Power of this Workshop

  • Without being resilient it is difficult to achieve at the highest level.
  • Stress and pessimism reduces the ability to reach our highest potential, affects motivation and the ability to achieve exceptional results.
  • This workshop assists advisors to better navigate their challenges in this new environment and volatile economy and equip them with the techniques to be resilient, optimistic and in control.
  • It offers practical solutions that can be immediately applied.

Workshop outline

Building a Resilient Mindset

  • Getting into the optimum thinking zone
  • The keys to controlling “Thought Attacks™” in achieving sales success
  • How to build a positive and optimistic mindset.

Building Resilience to Challenges

  • Identifying and overcoming stress triggers
  • Developing constructive thinking habits about our challenges
  • How to manage clients emotions and expectations
  • The three powerful techniques that build resilience and reduce stress.

Sustaining Resilience

  • How to remain positive, confident and focused in a tough selling environment
  • Daily resilience building routines.