Every sales team is different…

Every industry, organisation and sales team is different and as a result our Sales Mastery programs are tailored and designed to meet the specific requirements and distinctive needs of the individuals and the team.

Sales Mastery Programs are compiled from the extensive list of Sales Mastery Topics below and flexible to include any additional topics that may be required.

Your Personal Psychology

  • It all starts with you
  • Know how to master your psychology
  • The “must know” secrets to sales success
  • Developing the right thinking habits
  • Controlling Thought Attacks™ (Negative thoughts)
  • The little word that makes a big difference
  • How to maintain a focussed, enthusiastic and opportunistic mindset
  • The 5 factors that sabotage successful selling
  • How to control negative influences
  • The thinking and behaviour styles of sales experts

The Psychology of your Client

  • How your clients make their buying decisions
  • What you can do to influence your clients buying behaviour
  • Managing your clients emotions
  • Why enthusiasm sells
  • How to overcome your clients fear factors
  • How to change your clients perception of your products and services

The Trusted Advisor – Essentials

  • The essential keys to becoming a trusted advisor
  • The 3 pillars to building a higher-level of trust
  • How trust breaks down
  • Actions that maintain a trusting relationship

Your Value Proposition

  • What is a value proposition?
  • How compelling is your value proposition?
  • What is your Inside Advantage?
  • How do you exploit your differentiation?
  • Why prospects should choose you


  • How the 80/20 rule can help your business
  • How to position yourself as the expert
  • Who are great prospects and how do you find them?
  • The importance of creating a prospecting list
  • The ‘must do’ activity that will grow your business
  • How to get referrals the easy way
  • The smart way to calling referrals – The track


  • The telephone – friend or foe
  • Mastering telephone communication
  • Preparing for the call
  • Effective telephoning techniques
  • The telephone track
  • Overcoming objections on the telephone
  • How to eliminate call reluctance.

Strengthening the Relationship

  • 3 essentials to building rapport
  • Effective listening
  • How to create the right first impression
  • How to boost your credibility and instill confidence
  • Body language and word choice
  • The power or mirroring

Creating the Need

  • How to make selling just a conversation
  • Uncovering the need
  • The key factors that converts needs to sales
  • How to change the emotional state of your client
  • How to get your client to ask you for your products
  • Making your offer irresistible

Presenting the Solution

  • How to present with impact
  • Body language, voice projection and modulation
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Words of preference
  • The KISS principle
  • The 25% rule
  • How to simplify complicated information
  • How to ensure your presentation creates sales


Closing the Sale

  • Is closing necessary?
  • Buying signals
  • Key steps to progressing the sale
  • The winning formula to overcome objections
  • How to establishing frequent agreements
  • Maintaining control and flow

Customer Loyalty Strategies

  • The two minute call
  • Actions that build loyalty and make you unique
  • What are touch points and why are they essential
  • 5 ways to over-deliver
  • How to create barriers to entry for your competitors

Sales Ideas from the Experts

  • 10 most powerful sales ideas from the experts
  • The world best strategies that close bigger deals more frequently
  • The sales formula you can depend on

How to Sell in a Downturn

  • The changing demands of customers
  • Managing your clients expectations
  • What to do differently to attract more customers
  • A sales communication strategy that gets results
  • The 3 key factors to building resilience
  • The secret ingredient to a compelling sales offer
  • The 5 “must do” activities to outsmart the competition

The Do’s and Don’ts of selling

  • The list

"Meiron Lees' presentation received the highest rating from our 1000 delegates. He is a highly engaging speaker whose energetic presentation inspired our audience to be catalysts for transformation within their organisations.""

− HR Summit (Asia Pacific)

"Meiron has been an eager contributor to AITD’s conferences and events and the information he presents always hits the mark. His presentations are engaging, lively and most importantly contain essential messages for ALL managers and leaders."

Paul Dumble, CEO - Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)

"A highly skilled presenter, inspiring, captivating, motivating.
Funny & touching – passionate & interesting!"

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