Stress Management for Small Business

This article focuses on how small business can build resilience in their business by committing to some key actions that will help with their stress management. Building a resilient business is a key factor in not only surviving but thriving in any environment.

With the economic turbulence having a significant impact on small business many owners are finding it challenging in navigating the storm and are looking for ways that will help strengthen their businesses to only survive but to ultimately thrive.

The following are 7 key Business Stress Management Techniques that can help boost and D-Stress your business:

Small Business Stress Management Technique 1: Go Back to Basics
Ask yourself “What is the problem we are here to solve and what is the best way to help our customers solve it?” Align your key activities to the answer.

Small Business Stress Management Technique 2: Get Focused
Know the strengths of each of your employees and use their talents to help make your business grow and become more efficient. People perform at their best when they’re doing what they’re good at and enjoy doing. Get the right people doing the right things!

Small Business Stress Management Technique 3: Have a Good Plan
Get smart about the “How To” to achieve your results and know what could derail your strategic plan upfront so that you can plan for it’s eventuality. Half the challenge is being confident that your current actions will lead to the outcomes you expect.

Small Business Stress Management Technique 4: Become Value Driven
Know your customers business well so that you can deliver an exceptional value proposition. Show potential clients how your solution will best achieve their outcomes and that the ROI is compelling, realistic and attainable.

Small Business Stress Management Technique 5: Get Out of the Box
Brainstorm new approaches and offerings to market with your team. Get them involved in creating irresistible offers that will outsmart your competition. Ensure that they are affordable and distinctive and make everyone an advocate for the business.

Small Business Stress Management Technique 6: Build a Resilient Culture
Support your employees in managing and reducing their stress by understanding their challenges and helping to resolve them. Develop a culture of collaboration, optimism and productivity and become intolerant to blame, political games and pessimism.

Small Business Stress Management Technique 7: Respect your Time
People only respect our time when we respect it enough. Treat each moment and each day as precious time and focus your efforts on what you believe are the urgent and most important tasks to do. Don’t become a slave to your inbox and set specific times each day to check emails and answer queries.

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