Leadership Training – What Australian Leaders Need to Know

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This discussion focuses on what I believe is the most crucial aspect of leadership training in today’s times. It is what every leader needs to be aware of each day when wearing the leadership badge of trust, responsibility and integrity. It’s subtle yet powerful and when implemented in the right way turns people to not only listen and act but to be greatly inspired and transformed.

So what is this great leadership development secret and is it something only for great leaders to learn?

Some of the most influential things man can do do not reside in the realm of complexity and difficulty but rather in utmost simplicity. Just think for a moment when you did something meaningful for someone. Did it require complex analysis or was it something from the heart that was effortless and a pleasure to do?

How much leadership training do we see encouraging behaviour which is from the heart, effortless and a pleasure to do? Imagine an organisation whose leadership is based upon those values. What impact will leaders have and how will people feel when being led by them?

There is a great book that I feel all leadership development coaches should read that has this question in its title, “Why should someone be led by you?” It’s a wonderful question as it moves the reader to sit on the other side of the fence and ponder about how people would like to feel, be influenced and be moved to accomplish actions that benefit all.

From a leadership training perspective, is leadership behaviour not simply about how to impact people in such a way that makes them feel honoured empowered and influenced to think and act in such a way that creates achievement, fulfilment and betterment for every stakeholder?

If this is the case what steps can be taken by Australian leadership development coaches to create this result?

The first step I suggest is making the old Socrates saying “Know Thyself” a practical reality. Without self awareness leadership excellence is not possible. This can be achieved through the many diagnostic and 360 degree analysis tools that are available on the market.

The second step is to identify behaviours that are aligned to the heart. Which behaviours would make others feel special, esteemed and trusted? Which would lead others to be so motivated and proactive that they become self managed in their drive and passion to do great work?

The third step in this leadership development program is the creation of meaningful and sustained leadership action. Many actions can be executed in a way that contradicts what the intentions should be. Are they actioned in a way that is genuine, true and selfless?

Imagine a workplace that is caring, empathic and vibrant filled with people whose belief in their leader is so strong that it moves them from mediocrity to distinction.

Imagine the impact on Australian leaders if leadership training programs have this result as their key outcome?

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