Why is trust important?

Developing trust is one of the key success criteria for any advisor. When it is present it strengthens client relationships, builds loyalty, promotes advocacy and increases revenue.

When we study the most trusted and least trusted industries in Australia, the financial services industry is ranked as one of the lowest. This has significant implications not only for advisors but also for the many Australian’s, who due to their scepticism, don’t accept their sound advice.

With the understanding on how to build a higher-level trust, advisors are enabled to shift this perspective and be perceived as the custodian of their client’s financial wellbeing and the “Trusted Advisor”.

This one-hour CPD accredited presentation provides insights, tools and specific actions necessary to develop and sustain high-trusting relationships.

It is engaging, informative and interactive. The content includes leading-edge research on trust as well as the practical techniques used by Meiron in his career as a trusted advisor.

Key Messages

  1. How trust increases revenue, attracts ideal clients and creates raving fans
  2. How to dramatically transform client’s perception of your trustworthiness
  3. The 3 key techniques that develop and sustain a higher level of trust
  4. How trust increases clients willingness to pay fees
  5. The do’s and don’ts when trust breaks down.