A Team Building Event with a difference

A wine tasting event is the ideal opportunity to engage your team in a relaxed, spirited and fun atmosphere.

Wine is increasing in popularity and is becoming the beverage of choice at social gatherings and dinner parties.
The challenge facing many wine drinkers is that they are uneducated about the basics of wines and therefore at a loss when it comes to choosing wine or knowing which wine to pair with the food they’re serving.

Not only will your team learn about wine and its vocabulary but, more importantly, they will get to know each other in a casual and relaxed environment enhancing teamwork, collaboration and camaraderie.

It’s the perfect way to end a long and tiring day or dinner event with an experience that is fun filled and high energy.

How an event is structured

The event is held at client’s offices or at a conference or offsite venue with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 50 attendees.
The duration of the tasting is 2 hours but can be made shorter if need be.

The attendees will:
• Learn about wine and the most popular white and red varietals
• Taste 3 quality red and 3 quality white varietals
• Learn which wines best accompany which food

Individually, or in groups:
• Have fun participating in a wine trivia quiz with prizes on offer
• Create their own wine by blending various wines together then deciding on a name for their wine.

There is also an option to include a cheese or chocolate pairing. Selections of cheeses or chocolates are chosen to pair with the wines and attendees learn which pair the best and the worst in a fun and experimental way.

Cost Structure

10-20 attendees: $3000
21-30 attendees: $3500
31-40 attendees: $4000
41-50 attendees: $4500

Prices include all wines for the event, wine glasses and set up
Prices exclude GST, travel, accommodation and transfer costs
For cheese and chocolate pairing please add an additional $500 for up to 30 people and $750 to 50 people

Taste+Learn Plus

A Taste+Learn event may also be combined with a Keynote address or a Workshop.