There are many books available on stress management but few give you the secrets on how to feel better about your feelings of stress right away. D-Stress is one of the world’s first that gives you practical ways to reduce your stress immediately.

book coverIt is one of the only books of its kind that shows you step by step exactly what you need to do to conquer your stress. These proven “stress busting” techniques can change the way you feel no matter how severe your stressful situation may be.

Learn to Build Resilience to Your Stress

  • 3 simple steps that will reduce your stress immediately
  • Little known secrets to feel calm and at ease and in control
  • Valuable tools that won’t allow stressful situations to get the better of you
  • How to become resilient to any stressful situation
  • 7 quick and easy techniques that will help you feel more relaxed and composed
  • To detect stress before it arises and change the way you feel before stress takes over
  • To transform your negative thoughts and feel more positive and optimistic

The D-Stress techniques in this book have proven to be the most effective in reducing your stress immediately.

You also will not have to wade through hundreds of pages to find the answers. In a few pages you will be able to start applying a D-Stress technique right away.

Don’t allow stress to take over and destroy your feelings of happiness and quality of life.

"Meiron Lees has written a unique piece of work, both very personal and practical. The vast majority of us face the challenge of managing stress in our lives on a regular basis at home or in the workplace. Meiron's concise and well crafted book tables ideas and practices that will surely assist most readers in putting balance bak into their lives, too often derailed by mismanagement of stress!"

− Mark Matchford, Vice President, Systems and Technology Group IBM Australia New Zealand