In today’s world stress is on the increase with job insecurity, increased workloads, financial concerns, health challenges and balancing work and family becoming everyday challenges.
Whatever your stress may be, it is harmful, not only affecting your wellbeing but your contentment with life in general.
The good news is that with the right tools at your disposal you can manage it and cope better with the challenges that you are facing.

I would suggest you consider this program if your stress is;

  • Impacting negatively on your behaviour i.e. you’re agitated, reactive, less tolerant
  • Affecting your relationships
  • Decreasing your level of wellbeing and happiness
  • Creating feelings of anxiety, fear, depression or loss of control
  • Preventing you from being ‘on top of your game’ and achieving the results you’re capable of achieving

About the D-Stress Coaching Program

The D-Stress Coaching Program provides the key tools to effectively manage and reduce your stress and help you to create optimism, resilience and calm in a stressful environment
The objective of this program is to equip you, no matter your circumstances, with the tools and techniques enabling you to feel emotionally composed and in control under stressful conditions. It offers practical solutions to build resilience to your stressors

You will learn:

  • How stress is created and how to detect stress before it takes control
  • 3 simple steps that reduce stress immediately
  • Key tools to remain composed in pressured situations
  • How to build your personal resilience to stress
  • To transform your negative thoughts and emotions
  • How to manage your stress triggers and the ever-increasing demands placed upon you
  • How to feel a sense of calm and control

D-Stress Coaching Packages




No. of sessions



45 minutes

3 sessions: $  750
4 sessions: $1,000
5 sessions: $1,250



1 hour

3 sessions: $  900
4 sessions: $1,200
5 sessions: $1,500


Face-to Face

1 hour

3 sessions: $ 1,050
4 sessions: $1,400
5 sessions: $1,750

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