I offer Board and Corporate Advisory Services in the following areas:


  • Formulation of strategic roadmap aligned with the business vision and objectives.
  • Strategic implementation – ensuring key milestones are achieved
  • Addressing restraining factors that impact the successful accomplishment of strategic initiatives.

Risk Management

  • Identifying potential areas of risk for the organization.
  • Developing a risk action plan to eliminate or reduce risks.
  • Establishing the necessary controls to mitigate the potential of future risks and implementation of appropriate monitoring systems

Human Capital Management

Ensuring specific competencies in the areas of talent acquisition, management and workforce optimization.

Coaching and facilitation expertise are offered with particular focus on:

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Management Development
  • Culture Change
  • Mindset and Behavioral Change
  • Navigating Complex People Challenges
  • Instilling a Resilient Culture
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Performance Management